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    I always thought to bring something new entertaining videos for you all and i’m very thankful that you show so much love, so today one of the best amazing comedy, fun and entertaining sequence is only for you that is Beauty - Rich vs Normal, toh video ko enjoy karna or comment jarur karna

    Produced By : SpiceUp Media
    Creative Head : Shruti Anand
    Directed By : Vikram Choudhary
    Scripted By : Shruti Anand, Danish Khan
    DOP : Dinesh Kumar
    Assistant Director : Samar Gairy
    Edited By : Shubham Raj Verma
    Presented By : Shruti Anand, Bharti
    Co - Actors : Jeetu, Pankaj, Danish,Geetanjali, Vishal, Samar, Sonu, Suraj
    Social Media : Komal Sharma

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    1. Shruti Arjun Anand

      kis kis ke kpde khrab hue hai ghar se nikalte hi mjhe apne real incidents share kro or mai best sequence ko upcoming video mai ek sequence bnaungi?

      1. Osman Goni

        I la Dis

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        Hi di

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        Hi shruti did

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    2. Food kitchen love

      main chahati hn k ap rich girl ka next vedio b lay ai

    3. Seema Chamoli

      Bhoot wale video

    4. Goura Polai


    5. Saima Nisar

      It dosn,t matter of we are rich or normal we want to have gratefull and good heart 🌼🌼

    6. Gangotri Verma

      Gande video

    7. my life channel life Channel

      HiHi 😍

    8. Sumyya Tariq

      2ko. Boht. Acchi. Video

    9. Adrishi Sengupta

      Nice video ❤️

    10. Kashvi Pattnaik

      Happy, normal but, I,am, so,happy

    11. Deva Kumar

      Aap Anandi ko Dulhan banane ka chal kyon nahin karte

    12. Khusboo Devi

      . Novel wala pahla dekhenge

    13. Sandhya Ramesh

      Normal wala

    14. Jyoti Keshri

      I like my life in normal only😃😃

    15. Madhu Suryavanshi

      Aap mujhe film batao na

    16. Nasima Khan

      I am rich but mujhe normal life jina hai

    17. Shahida Begam

      Rich girl

    18. Minakshi Sharma

      I want to see both normal and rich

    19. toxicheery

      aap new videos kyu Nahi Bana Rahi ??


      Rich vs Normal video

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      I am your big fan 🤠

    22. Anmol Virk

      I am Ashman Preet Kaur

    23. Anmol Virk


    24. Harsha Deswal

      Rich girl

    25. Violet Pawrker

      Why is this so derogatory to normal people?

    26. Violet Pawrker

      Where's the funny in all these videos 😐

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      What is tiendai

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      Hlo shurti Arjun anand

    34. abiha imran

      I am Muslim but like their videos

    35. Samriddhi Gairola

      I am belong to a normal family but we don't behave like this and normal life is best

    36. miyra

      This starting was funny 🤣

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    38. Divyu kapri

      I'm normal and I like my normal life





    41. Manoj Sharma


    42. Manoj Sharma


    43. Debashis Majumdar

      Varry fani

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      రాష్ట్ర విభజనకు అనుకూలంగా నిర్ణయం తీసుకున్నారు వ్ వ్

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      bucket shadow at the at the behind wall

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      Im Normal but l am so happy in my normal life

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      4:18 was to funnyy

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      Part 423



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